The next time a skin care company tells you they have a breakthrough ask them, “where’s the proof?” Here’s ours:

Did you know?

…Most skin care companies are just pushing their marketing concepts with no tangible PROOF of the breakthrough they widely advertise in the glossy pages of national magazines.

…Most skin care companies come out with a new product, which they claim is a “new breakthrough,” and makes strong label claims and promises, and according to their ad, this new product will change consumers’ lives.

…Consumers purchase the product and soon realize that it does not do what it says it will do, so sales of this product drop.

…6 months later, the company creates another “new breakthrough,” and pushes it with more advertising.

This is a cycle that happens over and over again. There is a point where you have to ask yourself: “what happened to the last breakthrough?

Thinking outside the box.

We, at Somme Institute®, are often asked when will we be launching new products, and the answer is simple—we found a true breakthrough. After 8 years of research, MDT5™ results received 2 patents from the very strict US Patent Office, and we are sticking to our technology. We have no need to come out with new products every 6 months like other companies. Our clinical research proves the dramatic visible results that MDT5™ brings.

Somme Institute® can assertively say: No other skin care companies achieve the results that we do.

Somme Institute® works with a team of independent research dermatologists that actually frown upon the skincare industry, have all evaluated MDT5™ and have come to the same conclusion: it brings dramatic results to all skin types and most skin conditions (fine lines and wrinkles, aged skin, acne, discoloration and sun damage). One of these researchers even mentioned MDT5™ in one of his books: “Not since the introduction of Alpha Hydroxy Acids has there been a more significant advancement in the science of skin care.

Astounding results.

MDT5™ is the only technology that has been proven to deliver vitamins A C E B3 B5 into the skin. We know this because we did over 8 years of research and conducted a randomized blinded clinical trial (conducted with the same protocol as an FDA drug study), tested thousands of ingredients and products from the industry, and tracked over 5,000 male and female participants with a medical grade UV camera. It was the first of its kind to be conducted for a nonprescription skincare treatment, and the results were evaluated and validated by notable research dermatologists, Michael Holick, M.D., Ph.D. (Boston University School of Medicine), Albert Kligman, M.D., Ph.D. (Upenn School of Medicine), Aaron Lerner, M.D. (Yale University School of Medicine), Lynn Haven, M.D. (NYU School of Medicine) and Ethan Lerner, M.D. (Harvard Medical School).

Are you interested in statistics?

The research revealed that after using MDT5™, there were dramatic improvements: 60.7% in sun damage, 75.8% in ski tone, 64.3% in fine lines and wrinkles and 77.4% in acne/blemishes!

So the next time a company says they came out with a new breakthrough, ask them, “where’s the proof?”