Tracking Tuesday: Sun Damage

It’s no secret that tanning beds majorly increase your risk of developing melanoma and escalate sun damage and aged skin! Today we are sharing the results of a young woman who excessively used tanning beds (see the goggle marks?). Before using our Regimen, she had uneven skin tone, rough texture, mild acne, discoloration and melasma.The colored photos are of the surface of the skin and show what is visible to the naked eye; the black and white photos are the ultraviolet photos that show 3mm deep underneath the surface of the skin.

Photos taken with Somme Institute’s medical camera showing the surface of the skin. Left: Before MDT5™, Right: After MDT5™

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Tracking Tuesday: How One Customer Stopped The Aging Process

Model and fitness professional, Gloria Dare, initially began using the Somme Institute Regimen as a participant in our clinical study in 1999, which was 14 years ago. She immediately experienced dramatic results in her skin and has been using it ever since!

Prior to starting our Regimen, Gloria had oily acne-prone skin with fine lines, and discoloration due to sun damage and aging. After diligently using our Regimen 2x/day as directed, her skin began to dramatically change: there was a reversal of discoloration, sun damage and fine lines; her sebaceous glands were more controlled, thus producing less oil and preventing clogged pores.

Here are her before and after images taken in 1999:

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Tracking Tuesday: Digital Tracking: What Is It?

Sub-Surface Before and After Images showing 3mm below the skin.

Digital Tracking – What Is It?

At Somme Institute, we have been researching and studying skin for many years. We’ve tested thousands of products, from spa brands to department store brands to drug store brands and dermatologist/plastic surgeon’s brands. We wanted to see which delivery system, when applied, would penetrate the skin and actually bring results. We were able to see which products penetrated the skin to reverse fine lines, sun damage, acne, discoloration and uneven skin tone through the use of a special Ultra Violet (UV) Camera System. Continue reading