Tracking Tuesday: How One Customer Stopped The Aging Process

Model and fitness professional, Gloria Dare, initially began using the Somme Institute Regimen as a participant in our clinical study in 1999, which was 14 years ago. She immediately experienced dramatic results in her skin and has been using it ever since!

Prior to starting our Regimen, Gloria had oily acne-prone skin with fine lines, and discoloration due to sun damage and aging. After diligently using our Regimen 2x/day as directed, her skin began to dramatically change: there was a reversal of discoloration, sun damage and fine lines; her sebaceous glands were more controlled, thus producing less oil and preventing clogged pores.

Here are her before and after images taken in 1999:

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Tracking Tuesday: Fashion Blogger, Jaimen Lee

As you’ve read in our previous blog post, we love tracking results with before and after images. We’re always so excited when someone uses our Regimen and experiences a transformation in their skin! Fashion Blogger, Jaimen Lee, experienced a major skin transformation that we can’t wait to share with you.

Before starting our Regimen, Jaimen had sensitive, oily, acne-prone skin with clogged pores, some broken blood vessels and discoloration due to old acne scars and sun damage. She diligently used our 5-Step Regimen as directed, and after a few weeks, the discipline paid off. When she came in to take her after images, we were stunned at how much her skin transformed before our eyes! Her skin was much less oily, more even-toned and had less sun damage and fewer blemishes. She also saw a major improvement in the fine lines and wrinkles around her eye area and her dark circles lightened, giving her even more of a glow!

Here are her before and after images so you can see the results for yourself:

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The next time a skin care company tells you they have a breakthrough ask them, “where’s the proof?” Here’s ours:

Did you know?

…Most skin care companies are just pushing their marketing concepts with no tangible PROOF of the breakthrough they widely advertise in the glossy pages of national magazines.

…Most skin care companies come out with a new product, which they claim is a “new breakthrough,” and makes strong label claims and promises, and according to their ad, this new product will change consumers’ lives.

…Consumers purchase the product and soon realize that it does not do what it says it will do, so sales of this product drop.

…6 months later, the company creates another “new breakthrough,” and pushes it with more advertising.

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