Tracking Tuesday: Acne & Discoloration

Before/After image taken with Somme Institute’s medical UV camera.

Today, we are sharing the results of a young woman who had oily, acne-prone skin with clogged pores, uneven skin tone and sun damage.

This patient suffered from acne for years. Her dermatologist previously put her on Retin-A and she used Proactiv.

Our researchers instructed her to use Transport, Serum and A-Bomb, which all contain the active ingredient MDT5™. The patient applied the products 2x/day (morning and evening). After the first week, her skin was softer and smoother. After the second week, her breakouts started to heal and were considerably less. After the third week, there was a dramatic change in skin texture, skin tone and acne, which had ceased.

As she continues to apply the MDT5™, her skin continues to improve and maintain her results and also prevents future skin issues like aging and fine lines and wrinkles.