Essie Summer Essentials

Every girl can relate to this moment: you walk into the nail salon, ask for a mani-pedi, and they respond, “Pick a color!” As you turn around, a giant wall filled with a sea of colors stares back at you—how are you possibly supposed to choose? We’ve all been there. So, in hopes of eliminating some panic the next time you’re faced with this decision, here are some of our favorite Summer nail colors by Essie!

“Meet Me At The Altar”

This brand new 2013 color will quickly become an all-time favorite. The perfect light lavender color is a perfect mix of cool and subtle. Whether you’re looking to add a pop of color to a Summer outfit or make a simple statement at the office, this shade is calling your name!

“A Crewed Interest” 

When flaunting this peachy color on your nails, it’s a guaranteed conversation starter (trust us, people ask about it all the time). This color is the perfect transition to Summer, and the coral undertones look amazing with a tan!

“Cute As A Button”

What girl can go an entire Summer without coral on their fingers or toes? Not many—it seems the search for the perfect coral is always on! This color is just perfect, especially if you want something bright and to make a statement.

“Bachelorette Bash”

This fuchsia-inspired color screams, “girl’s night out.” Sometimes finding a nail color that works day and night can be difficult, but this shade does the trick. It’s the perfect raspberry pink that is sure to go well with any bathing suit or add some color to your little black dress. Who doesn’t love the best of both worlds?

“Mint Candy Apple” 

If you’re not into pinks and corals, this light green shade might be exactly what you’re looking for. We call this one, “Summer in a bottle” and this daring yet trendy color is sure to turn heads.

What are your favorite Summer nail colors? Leave a comment below!