The Story Behind The Colored Dots

From our products down to our packaging, we’re all about simplicity here at Somme. You have enough going on in your everyday life; your beauty routine should be as straight forward as possible! Let’s face it–in the world of beauty, things can get a little complicated and overwhelming at times. The products available at our fingertips are never-ending. Most brands offer what seem like a million products for each skin type and skin condition: five products for normal skin, ten different products for oily skin, another eight for fine lines/wrinkles, the list goes on. We have only one Regimen for all skin types and skin conditions, and when we were designing the packaging, we wanted it to be as simple, clean and clinical as possible.

In addition to all of the compliments we get on our packaging, we are constantly asked, “why the dots?” The answer is actually pretty simple, and it happened by accident! During the research and development process, in order to easily identify each of the steps, researchers color-coded the various bottles and jars with dots. Everyone involved in the studies ended up actually liking it, and when the time came to develop the packaging, we decided to stay with the colored dot concept. We now have eight different colored dots, and it has become such a big part of who we are. In 2007, our Mobile Kit was even awarded “Best Travel Pack” in the Wallpaper Design Awards. So, thank you for all of the compliments (we promise we won’t let them get to our head)!