Somme’s Clinical Study Evaluated by Dr. Holick

We have some exciting news!

As you may or may not know, years ago, Somme Institute conducted a clinical study evaluating the incredible changes that MDT5™ brought to the skin. No other skin care brand in the industry has done this! Thousands of subjects participated in the study, half of them applying MDT5™, and the other half applying a placebo cream (non-active, without MDT5™) to the entire face daily. Then, they reported back to The Institute every few weeks. During these scheduled visits, the effects were then assessed through surface photographs (color) and sub-surface photographs (UV, below the skin) of the face. Then, the photographs were evaluated and validated independently by Albert M. Kligman M.D., Ph.D. (University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, the “father” of Retin-A), Aaron B. Lerner M.D. (Yale University), Lynn M. Haven M.D. (New York University School of Medicine) and Ethan A. Lerner M.D., Ph.D. (Harvard Medical School). The results were astounding–MDT5™ was truly a breakthrough for all skin types and skin conditions.

Michael F. Holick, Ph.D., M.D. (Boston University School of Medicine), a scientist and clinician who has worked in the field of dermatology for more than 30 years, recently reviewed the clinical study, evaluating the efficacy of MDT5™ as a treatment for the following skin conditions: photodamaged facial skin, fine lines and wrinkles, acne and blemishes. His findings? There were dramatic improvements of 60.7% in sun damage, 75.8% in skin tone, 64.3% in fine lines and wrinkles and 77.4% in acne and blemishes. “I was very impressed with the results,” he states.

Want to see the results for yourself? Here are just five dramatic before and after surface images from the study, so you can see how dramatic the results were (all results were obtained using the Somme Institute Regimen):