NYFW for Semi-Dummies by Sara Zucker

It’s already half-way through New York Fashion Week, and unless you are living under a rock, you’ve been seeing it covered just about everywhere you look. Naturally, we wanted to make sure you knew the answers to the some of the most basic questions. Who better to bring us back to square one than one of our favorite fashion bloggers? We sat down with Sara Zucker, fashion/beauty blogger and Digital Media Analyst for NARS Cosmetics to get some answers.

NYFW for Semi-Dummies: The “What”s

Try not to mind the title too much; it’s simply there to put it out there that this article will tell you some things you may not have previously known about the current Fashion Week — and it’s totally cool not to know things, as long as you admit it and strive for lifelong education, you know?   Moving on, my goal here is to tackle all of those “What is” and “What are”s that you may have.

What is it:
Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week (or what those of us in the bizzzz call “NYFW”) is that amazing-in-every-way week-long event that strikes the isle of Manhattan twice a year to celebrate fashion that will absolutely shape the trend we’ll all soon see in stores. Why do the Fall shows occur in February and the Spring shows in September? Because designer wants to do buyers the favor of letting them prepare their orders some months in advance. Aren’t they thoughtful?

What to wear: Many attendees to Fashion Week go the bold route with eye-catching conversation pieces. Call me practical, but if I’m running from show to show, backstage to front-of-house, I want to be at least semi-comfortable. That usually means embellished flats — typically oxfords because I love a masculine shoe — and a full-skirted dress that will give my legs room to scurry. If you can handle standing in heels for 6+ hours, then go for it. I admire you. You are a champion. Regardless, be realistic and keep in mind what you have planned for the day.

What to pack: First, be sure to employ a sturdy, roomy bag. In it, I highly suggest packing the following: a snack like nuts or a granola bar for energy (the rumor is NOT true — fashion girls DO eat), stick concealer for touch-ups, gum/mints because bad breath ain’t cute, business cards, a small notebook/tablet that is conducive for note-taking when you see something you like, band-aids since even some flats will kill your tootsies, and a battery charger — at the very LEAST, you will need all of these things. I say this from experience.

What to see: This part is 100% opinion-based, but I prefer to seek out younger designers during Fashion Week. It gives me such pleasure as a consumer to see them grow and expand their vision. That being said, you could care nothing about experience and more about the creative/avant garde/artistic process at work, whether it is wearable or not. Either way, it is pretty easy to snag a “priority standing” tickets if you lack seats to a show, which will still give you the opportunity to see new and unique styles in-person.

More questions? Feel free to reach out to me on my personal blog Farpitzs at www.sarazucker.com.

Thanks, Sara!