Interview with Gillian Zinser

Actress, artist and devoted Somme Institute fan, Gillian Zinser, uses our Regimen for clear, glowing skin. We’re obsessed with her style (check out her recent feature on The Coveteur where she shares some of her vintage pieces and prized possessions like her hat collection) and her flawless beauty looks! Today she shares some of her best beauty tips and tricks with us.

“I’m absolutely sworn over – the products are BRILLIANT – my skin’s clearer and smoother in texture than any time I can remember before.” - Gillian Zinser

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Interview: Amie Valpone from The Healthy Apple

If you were told you had 24 hours to live, what would you do? After suffering from years of chronic pain, and the stress of doctors and colleagues telling her, “it’s all in your head,” Amie Valpone, the voice of, decided to follow her instincts and heal her body the natural way. Today, she lives 100% symptom free! Now her mission and passion in life is to change the way people eat—focusing on whole foods and ingredients that are good for the body (and taste amazing, too!). Unlike most food bloggers, was born out of necessity–a place for her to be inspired, inspire others, and to speed up her healing process. We sat down with Amie and talked about what inspires her and some of her favorite things.