How To: Beach Waves with a Deep Side Part

Long summer days turn into long summer nights and long after summer is over you inevitably find yourself staring at photos of months past and marveling at how gorgeous everyone looked. The flowing dresses and caftans. The rosy pink, sun-kissed cheeks. And the hair! Oh, the allusive magic of post-beach hair! So many ways to recreate it, yet so many seem so complicated and tricky (hello third degree curling iron burns). Well fret no longer, here are a few easy steps to achieve the artfully mastered look long after diving into salt water is no longer an option (Polar Bear club excluded).

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Essie Summer Essentials

Every girl can relate to this moment: you walk into the nail salon, ask for a mani-pedi, and they respond, “Pick a color!” As you turn around, a giant wall filled with a sea of colors stares back at you—how are you possibly supposed to choose? We’ve all been there. So, in hopes of eliminating some panic the next time you’re faced with this decision, here are some of our favorite Summer nail colors by Essie! Continue reading