How To: Beach Waves with a Deep Side Part

Long summer days turn into long summer nights and long after summer is over you inevitably find yourself staring at photos of months past and marveling at how gorgeous everyone looked. The flowing dresses and caftans. The rosy pink, sun-kissed cheeks. And the hair! Oh, the allusive magic of post-beach hair! So many ways to recreate it, yet so many seem so complicated and tricky (hello third degree curling iron burns). Well fret no longer, here are a few easy steps to achieve the artfully mastered look long after diving into salt water is no longer an option (Polar Bear club excluded).

Step 1. Begin by applying mousse to completely dry hair. (Hint: Second day hair is best for this look as it will lend natural texture and volume).

Step 2. Pull mouse through from mid length to ends to protect from the heat you’ll be applying and to help hold the waves.

Step 3. Separate your entire head into semi-equal quadrants. The look doesn’t call for perfect parting so no comb is necessary. Just use your hands and get in there.

Step 4. Tie off all four quadrants to keep them separate during styling.

Step 5. Loosely braid all four sections. Since this look is meant to emulate a day spent splashing around at the beach, you’ll want to begin an inch or two from the scalp to mimic naturally formed waves.

Step 6.  Use a 1″ flat iron to set the braids. You’ll want to clamp it down on the braid and starting from the top of the braid, slowly work your way down by opening and closing the flat iron. Hold each section in the flat iron for about 10 seconds. Repeat on all four braids.

Step 7. After letting the braids cool for about 10 minutes, undo all of the braids carefully.

Step 8. Use your favorite surf spray. Mine happens to be Oribe Apres Beach Wave and Shine Spray - a little goes a long way. Spray about 6″ from hair concentrating on midlength to ends.

Step 9.  Form a deep side part with your fingers and flip all hair to that side to add even more volume. And voila! Beach bombshell hair that will have everyone convinced you just got off a plane from Ipanema!

Alex Andrade is a freelance hair stylist living and working in NYC. (site:

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