Tracking Tuesday: Digital Tracking: What Is It?

Sub-Surface Before and After Images showing 3mm below the skin.

Digital Tracking – What Is It?

At Somme Institute, we have been researching and studying skin for many years. We’ve tested thousands of products, from spa brands to department store brands to drug store brands and dermatologist/plastic surgeon’s brands. We wanted to see which delivery system, when applied, would penetrate the skin and actually bring results. We were able to see which products penetrated the skin to reverse fine lines, sun damage, acne, discoloration and uneven skin tone through the use of a special Ultra Violet (UV) Camera System. No other skin care brand has done this.

Known as the Faraghan system, this extraordinary medical camera contains specific light filters, which enable our researchers to view areas of pigment density below the skin’s surface. These areas of pigment density are approximately 3mm below the skin and are difficult to see in normal light. The same camera system was used by every major pharmaceutical company and medical teaching universities to provide the best images for hundreds of clinical trials. It was even used on the original Retin-A study to help procure FDA approval!

Before and After Images – The Process


The Faraghan camera allows us to look inside the skin in a systematic and clinical fashion. Before beginning a skin regimen, subjects come into the Institute to take their “before” images. These include surface (color) images, which show the condition of the skin visible to the naked eye. This also includes sub-surface images (black and white) which show the condition of the skin 3mm deep—exposing the true condition of the skin not visible to the naked eye (sun damage, clogged pores and more). All different angles of the face are photographed and documented in order to track the results in the most detailed way possible. The subject then begins using the products as directed.


After using the products for 4-6 weeks, the subject returns to the Institute to see what changes have occurred in their skin. The same set of surface and sub-surface images are taken a second time and sometimes are even tracked a few more times. The results are then compared side by side in front of the subject to assess the results.

Over 5,000 participants have and are currently being tracked at our headquarters with UV Photography. We continue to track the results of our customers using the Somme Institute Regimen, and the results continue to prove that MDT5™ is a true breakthrough that dramatically changes the skin.

Every Tuesday, we will be featuring before and after images for different skin conditions that were tracked. Stay tuned!